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Thursday, March 22, 2012

40 Minutes Worth of 911 Calls About Trayvon Martin

40 something minutes worth of 911 calls. Here are my thoughts on what I heard:
  1. I can clearly hear this young man screaming for his life in the background of the limited amount of calls that came in before the shot was fired. Then, I can clearly hear instant silence after the shot was fired. So, who was screaming?
  2. I only hear one person screaming in the background... not two. I could be wrong, but it sounds like a high pitched voice to me. That high pitched screaming I hear in the background does not match the voice of Zimmerman on his 911 call.
  3. Why does Zimmerman request that the police give him a call when they arrive so he can tell them where he is? Because, he has no intention of staying put near those mailboxes! He's on the move, and plans to stay that way. Anyone who's ever been on the phone with a person walking fast or running, knows that "wind in the phone" sound. I can clearly hear that sound as Zimmerman asks the 911 operator to have the police give him a call when they arrive. It almost sounds as if he's running!
  4. Anyone who's ever called 911 knows that the operator will do everything in their power to keep you on the phone until the police arrive. Why did the 911 operator allow Zimmerman to hang up, knowing that he was pursuing a "suspicious looking... late teens" youngster? Even after he "advised" him that they didn't need him to "do that", and he could hear Zimmerman still following him, he still allowed him to hang up the phone. What's up with that?
  5. Did you pay close attention to the caller that said the guy in the white t-shirt was on top of the guy lying down on the ground, who is now shot? Zimmerman tells us what Trayvon was wearing in his 911 call. It was not a white t-shirt. So, that had to have been Zimmerman in the white t-shit on top of Trayvon. Why was he on top of Trayvon? And, if he was on top of him, that means he had control of the situation. Why did he have to shoot him? He knew the police were on their way.
  6. How come no one even opened a window to see what was happening with this young man as he screamed for dear life? No one even screamed, "Get off of him!", or "I'm calling the police!" At least one caller claimed it was a good neighborhood. So, these types of screams were not usual. This was not the hood.
  7. It's amazing that the woman who said she didn't want to be a witness ended up providing the most information on her 911 call. The teacher says that she heard people talking, then more talking, then someone screaming for help. Then, wrestling, a shot, and silence. She is the biggest witness to the fact that Zimmerman continued to pursue and harass Trayvone.
  8. And, the boy walking his dog... Wow. For the record, he has his own recorded video on youtube. He tells his story with fear and horror in his voice, with a trembling face. Check it out. But, anyway, he tells the 911 operator that he saw them on the ground as he heard the screams. But, before he could go to help, as he was looking away to grab his dog, he heard a shot, and the screams stopped. He made that very clear. So, once again, who was screaming?
  9. I'm quite freaked out about the first person everyone "couldn't see" with a flashlight. You'll continuously hear 911 operators trying to convince callers that it's the first cop on the scene. BUT, more than one of those calls came in before the shot was fired. Therefore, when they looked out seconds later, and saw a man with a flashlight, that could not have been a cop. That was Zimmerman. What was he doing walking around the scene with a flashlight? He'd just shot a kid! Where was the horror he should have been showing in his actions? And, what was is he looking for with that flashlight?
  10. AND HERE MY BIGGEST THOUGHT: Witnesses said Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon, wrestling. So, Trayvon had to be face up if he was "tussling" with Zimmerman. Trayvon was shot in the chest. So far, that makes sense. BUT, the first cop on the scene reported that Trayvon was found face down with his hands under him. Ummm. ??? We can assume that none of these scary neighbors went out there and turned him over, especially with Zimmerman out there with a gun. So, how did Trayvon end up face down??? That alone should have been cause for arrest. Who gets shot in the chest and takes the time to flip themselves over before they die. Seriously??? Who tampered with Trayvone and turned him face down?
I'm not a cop. I'm not a forensic expert. I'm not a medical expert. I'm not a medical examiner. I wasn't a witness. I didn't know Trayvon. I don't know Zimmerman. I haven't spoken to any of the witnesses. I haven't read the cops' reports. BUT, I am a woman who cares about all 17 year old kids. I'm confused and disgusted by everything I've heard on these 911 calls!

What are your thoughts on these 40 minutes worth of 911 calls? What are your thoughts on my thoughts? Let me know.

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