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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I want guest blog posts.

I would love to have guest blog posts on my blog related to content marketing, inbound marketing, online marketing, marketing strategies, content writing, content curating, online marketing products, content marketing services, etc...

Guest Post Requirements

If you're a content marketing geek or expert, you're wanted as a guest blog poster. Your posts must be informative, (not sales pitches), unique and relevant to content marketing. All content will be scanned through Copyscape before being accepted.

If you want to write content in order to promote your site, blog, service or product, we would love to support you. However, your content must be valuable and useful to our readers on Content Marketing Geek. We will not post sales pitches and commercial-like content. You must provide an article or blog post that add value to our blog, as well as the lives of our readers. You will be allowed to link your content to your site or blog (see details below).

Post on Two Blogs

If you're able to provide two different copies of your content, that are both unique in Copyscape and unique to each other, that's even better. One copy will be posted here. The other copy will be posted on Content Marketing Geek for even more exposure. You will be allowed to post up to two links in each post:
  1. Link to your relevant blog, website, product, service or writer's profile.
  2. Link to another related website, blog, service or product. You can also provide a link to an authoritative blog or site for higher Google rankings for your post.

How to Be a Guest Poster

If you're interested, please provide the following information:
  • Information about you, your service or your product.
  • Link to the website, blog, service or product you're marketing.
  • How often you can provide 400-600 word articles/posts.
Send the above information in one of the following ways (or both if you prefer):
  1. Post your information as a comment to this blog post.
  2. Send your information in an email (no attachments allowed) to: info@contentmarketinggeek.com. In the subject line, write: CMG Guest Blog. If not, your email will probably be filtered out as spam.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Kiesha Joseph
Content Marketing Geek

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